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PS/SS Final Chapter The Man With Two Faces - Readdown to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Readdown to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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PS/SS Final Chapter The Man With Two Faces [2007 Feb. 24th|11:19 pm]
Readdown to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
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Well, we made it to the end of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone by finishing The Man With Two Faces

Send some thoughts up to Harry in the Hospital Wing before he heads back to the Dursley's on the Hogwarts Express. Previous chapters will remain open for discussion.

If there were any new ideas someone brought up, or if you have any lingering questions from previous chapters feel free to talk about those too.

Tomorrow night we will head make preperations year two at Hogwarts and start Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secerts with Chapter One The Worst Birthday. The post should be up at 12a US EST 2/26/07 so we can all wish Harry a happy twelve years.

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[User Picture]From: pica_scribit
2007-02-26 12:52 am (UTC)

PS:17 - The Man With Two Faces (Bloomsbury 1997) - 3

26) Dumbledore's timeline. There were no Every-Flavour Beans when Dumbledore was "in his youth". Bertie Bott was only born in 1935, when Dumbledore was already probably more than 80 years old.

27) "Harry's gone after him, hasn't he?" How did Dumbledore know? I mean, it was probably obvious when he arrived at the Ministry that he'd been sent on a wild goose chase, but that is a very specific question for him to be asking. He says "him", implying he probably knows who is after the stone. Did Snape get a message to him somehow? Or McGonagall?

28) Dumbledore's permission. I like the trio working out that Dumbledore had given them the chance for the adventure. But we're still only assuming he did, along with them. After all, he never confirms this.

29) The photo album. *sniff* What a wonderful gift for Harry. Poor Remus must have a lot of blank spaces in his own albums now. I wonder who else Hagrid got pictures from? We don't know the names of any of Lily's friends, and of course Hagrid wouldn't have contacted Sirius and Peter.

30) The House Cup. I actually think that was a pretty awful thing to do to the Slytherins; letting them think they had won when they must have worked hard to get all those points, and then snagging it out from under their noses at the last minute. I would have been well pissed off. Not that the trio and Neville didn't earn every one of those points. He could have given Harry only 50 points and called it a tie, even. It would have been a lot fairer for Dumbledore to have let Gryffindor have a head start the next year.

31) Neville. Aww...he's never won even one point before? But he gets some later, doesn't he? I do like that Dumbledore awards his points last, so that it's Neville who puts them over the top. It gives him proper recognition for his own brand of heroism.

32) Wandless magic. Dumbledore claps his hands to change the house colours, just as Quirrell did to perform his magic. But it doesn't seem the clapping or snapping would be necessary for wandless magic, unless it acts as some kind of energy focus.

33) How do Crabbe and Goyle manage to pass exams? I can't imagine them studying, but I guess they must turn in their homework along with the rest.

34) Trevor sighting! In the toilets, eh? Spying on people or already hunting down the Chamber of Secrets?

35) First years leave by boat as well. Just thought it was interesting.

36) Ginny! I like Ginny. Especially after she grows a personality in OotP. It's funny that she's all bouncy and yelling about Harry at King's Cross, but when Harry comes to their house a couple months later, she can't even speak in his presence. And I remember exactly what *that* was like. :p

...And...we're done! Off to the Chamber of Secrets after midnight (and the Oscars) tonight!

Incidentally, I've expanded on my own version of the "McGonagall is evil" theory in my journal today. It was fun. To summarise: What if McGonagall is Voldemort's sister? No really; at least read what I wrote before you tell me I'm on crack.
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