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PS/SS Chapter Fifteen The Forbidden Forest - Readdown to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Readdown to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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PS/SS Chapter Fifteen The Forbidden Forest [2007 Feb. 22nd|10:56 pm]
Readdown to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
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Ah, so you got detention too huh? Well, seems we've been sentenced to help Hagrid in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone Chapter Fifteen The Forbidden Forest.

Seems like we're stuck with Fang, so let's have a conversation about the chapter shall we?

With two chapters to go, next up will be our big trip to the third floor corridor and then Through the Trapdoor at 12:00a US EST 2/24/07.

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[User Picture]From: pica_scribit
2007-02-24 05:56 am (UTC)

Re: Scholastic 1999 (paperback)

The Forbidden Forest. Does it actually have a name, or is it just called the Forbidden Forest? It's never referred to by any other name.

Does a forest need a name? It's the one in the Hogwarts grounds. Surely that's enough to identify it. Probably formally called something like "the Hogwarts forest" or something borning like that.
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[User Picture]From: pica_scribit
2007-02-24 05:53 am (UTC)

PS:15 - Bloomsbury 1997 - 1

Look at me go! I'm officially caught up! Long chapter = lots of notes.

1) Harry and Hermione up the astronomy tower. How much of a reputation does that location have in fanfic? *giggle* God only knows what McGonagall thought about her star pupil and the Boy Who Lived being up there together in the dead of night. Scandalous!

2) Getting expelled. Every time Harry gets into trouble, this is always his first thought, and yet he never seems to consider it while he's doing the things that get him in trouble. Typical Gryffindor! Only worried about getting caught....

3) McGonagall defends Malfoy. McGonagall here accuses Harry and Hermione of doing pretty much the same thing Malfoy did to Harry with the wizard's duel. Why would McGonagall think they would do something like that? They've never tried to get Draco into trouble before, even if it's known that they don't like one another. How could she believe it of Hermione? And if they were trying to get Draco into trouble, why would they also be out of bed?

4) "Nothing gives you the right to walk around school at night, especially these days, it's very dangerous." And what exactly does our dear professor mean by this statement? Why especially now? What does she know?

5) House points. OK, I can *kind of* see taking more points from Harry than from Draco if she actually thought Harry was trying to get Draco into trouble. But to take 50 points each from Hermione and Neville when she only took 20 from Malfoy seems bizarrely unreasonable. No, I don't think this is something that proves she's evil, since I can't imagine the Evil cares about house points, but it's a strange aberration of character. And it's a long drop from Snape's taking of single points in their first potions lesson. It would be interesting to see how many points McGonagall award and take from each house collectively.

6) "Harry swore to himself not to meddle in things that weren't his business from now on." Oh, how it makes me to be giggling! Well, I suppose you could argue that the things he meddles in from here on *are* his business, in a way.

7) "He'd had it with sneaking around and spying." And would never dream of spending his entire sixth year doing both, skulking after Malfoy.

8) What exactly is Voldemort doing to Quirrell? Presumably he can't be performing the Cruciatus curse on him, since he's sharing his body, and would cause himself pain. And if Quirrell is capable of putting up a verbal resistance, it's probably not the Imperius, either. What is he threatening him with?

9) So, why *was* Snape trying to get past Fluffy on Halloween? I suddenly can't think of any good reason. I don't buy for a second that Dumbledore would make him fight his way past all the other protections just to put his in place. Was he trying to get the stone before Quirrell could?

10) "Go to Dumbledore." Ah, the first of many times we hear this from Hermione, though usually without much success. With the light of adventure kindling in Ron's eyes, it's clear he's still not taking things seriously. At least Hermione is. She's the voice of reason. For once, Harry listens to her that they should refrain from acting on their own. For now.

11) "Filch wouldn't help us if his life depended on it, he's too friendly with Snape." And yet it took me until a very recent re-read to see the connection between the characters. I am even less observant than Harry. *is ashamed*

12) The moons of Jupiter. For anyone interested in learning the names of Jupiter's moons along with Harry, they are here. I may be assigning meaning where their is none, but the paragraphs on the Galilean Moons made me thing of the trio and their influence on one another. Perhaps the fourth moon is Neville? Is Jupiter Dumbledore or Voldemort? I wonder if Harry had to memorise *all* the moons, or only the major ones? Yay for Ganymede, the slashy moon!
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[User Picture]From: pica_scribit
2007-02-24 05:54 am (UTC)

PS:15 - Bloomsbury 1997 - 2

13) McGonagall sends the kids into the Forbidden Forest. And she's got to know something nasty is out there, even if she doesn't know what it is. Isn't that a rather dangerous detention for first years, Minerva?

14) Why does Filch take them down to Hagrid's? Couldn't Hagrid have just as easily come up to the castle to collect them? Especially since, when they arrive, he says he's been waiting for them for half an hour.

15) Punishment. This is me resisting the urge to say things about Filch and his love of old-fashioned punishments, such as bondage and discipline. Isn't that more or less exactly what he's talking about? No wonder he and Snape understand one another so well! OK, so I wasn't uniformly successful in resisting that urge. What are you going to do? Send Snape after me? :p

16) Malfoy is afraid of the forest. Or maybe the dark. It's interesting to take note of what his weaknesses are. They are things money can't fix.

17) Werewolves. Since my greatest love of the Harry Potter series is Remus Lupin, I always notice the little references to werewolves. Clearly Malfoy doesn't know much about them yet, if he thinks they prowl the Forbidden Forest. Unless he's heard some rumour from his mother and father's time at Hogwarts. It's weird, though, when Harry asks if a werewolf could be killing unicorns, that Hagrid doesn't give the obvious answers (A. werewolves only hunt one night per month. B. none live in the forbidden forest. C. werewolves prey on humans).

18) Filch and Hagrid clearly don't like one another. Filch calls Hagrid "oaf", and Hagrid tells Filch it's not his place to lecture the students. They have both been working at Hogwarts since at least the Marauders-era, which is a long time for their resentment to simmer. I can understand why Filch would hate Hagrid; he's friendly with those disgusting students, for one thing, and for another Hagrid had the opportunity to learn magic and (to Filch's mind) squandered it away. Does Hagrid hate Filch just because he's nasty to the students? Seeing how the various adults of the series interact with one another is always interesting.

19) Hagrid is mad at Malfoy. Clearly he knows who's fault it is that Norbert's departure was so abrupt, and he knows that Malfoy got the others in trouble when they were only trying to help him. I expect he's also generally snappish at having lost his beloved "baby". But it's good to see he's not taking any guff from Malfoy this time. He even calls him an idiot, right in front of him. It's a shame he's so unsure of himself around the little s***emonkey later on. Maybe this scene is why Draco is out to get Hagrid ever after.

20) Writing lines. If they don't do that at Hogwarts, how would Malfoy even know about it? JKR has said there are no wizarding primary schools. I'll offer Draco Professor Umbridge's quill if he wants to have a go at lines, though.

21) Search teams. Putting Draco, Neville and the cowardly Fang together as a team to send into the forest seems like a really dumb idea, Hagrid. Why would you do that, and keep the brave one and the smart one with you? And then he runs off to Draco and Neville's rescue, leaving Harry and Hermione on their own.

22) "Always the innocent are the first victims." Ronan says this in reference to the unicorns of course, but I have heard theories applying it also to those who carry wands with unicorn hair cores. Namely Cedric Diggory and Ron Weasley (both his first and second wands had unicorn hair cores). I don't think I buy it, mostly because I just can't see JKR killing Ron.

23) "Mars is bright tonight." Clear indication of coming war. Hagrid has no use for Divination or Astronomy. "Ruddy star-gazers," he calls them, but admits, "they know things."

24) "The forest hides many secrets." Yeah, I could take almost everything the centaurs say and turn it into something. But they have the voice of prophesy, and JKR can be sneaky about this stuff. Maybe the final solution in DH is something hidden in the forest. We've already seen Aragog and his family hidden there, and Grawp as well. There's room for plenty more.
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[User Picture]From: pica_scribit
2007-02-24 05:55 am (UTC)

PS:15 - Bloomsbury 1997 - 3

25) Neville's sparks. Neville is described as panicking in this scene, and yet he still manages to remember how to do the correct thing. I don't think he's nearly as bumbling or bad at magic as he thinks he is; he just lacks confidence.

26) How big is the Forbidden Forest? It must be huge, if Draco and Harry can walk in one direction for half an hour, and no end in sight. It must also be enclosed by the castle walls, since no mention is made of leaving the grounds. How much land does Hogwarts cover? Did the founders set up the forest as a sanctuary for magical creatures and beings?

27) Harry and Draco. Their antagonism appears to be forgotten in this scene. Harry doesn't even offer Draco any barbed comments about getting them in trouble or about sneaking up on Neville. But then, they are in a big, scary situation, which might throw their schoolboy grudge into sharp perspective.

28) Why is Quirrell crawling? This scene always confuses me a little, mostly because I saw the movie before I'd read the books, and I remember this black, clearly non-human *thing* sort of flowing weirdly across the ground, and that doesn't jive at all with the description from the book. Yet it forever looks like that in my head. But Quirrell is *crawling* "like some stalking beast". Isn't that bizarre? Is this what happens when a weakened Voldemort tries to put him under the Imperius? Maybe it's symptomatic of Quirrell fighting his captor. Maybe Voldemort is only able to tap into Quirrell's animal nature and control that. He clearly doesn't see the kids until Draco screams.

29) Firenze identifies Harry. What has he heard, and from whom? He knows about the scar and what it signifies, and he knows Harry's name. Has he merely been talking to Hagrid, or has he overheard someone else's conversation. And he knows that Voldemort is there. He is the first character in the book to suggest or acknowledge this fact. How does he know it? Is it Quirrell he has heard talking to "himself"? Or did he read it in the stars? The other centaurs imply the latter, but Firenze's information about Harry seems more specific than the stars would allow. I wonder, too, if Firenze is going to continue to play a significant role in DH, since I don't think he's quite fulfilled his purpose as a character.

30) Firenze and the other centaurs. When Bane and Ronan return to the scene, they have clearly been running. Why? But the sight of Firenze carrying Harry stops them short. Firenze clearly has difference priorities from the other centaurs. Is it only because he is friends with Hagrid and Dumbledore? Or does he have some larger agenda which cannot be fulfilled by acting as the other centaurs do? He seems to be the only centaur specifically concerned about the presence of Voldemort in their forest.

31) Unicorn blood. "You have slain something pure and defenceless to save yourself..." It sounds like the opposite of what Lily did. And it's blood magic. I think blood magic is something to watch out for this time around, too. Which is why I want to know about the twelve uses for dragon's blood!

32) "Good luck, Harry Potter. The planets have been read wrongly before now, even by centaurs. I hope this is one of those times." How ominous is that? If you're looking for evidence that Harry might die in DH, you can't do much better than that. "Bane thinks Firenze should have let Voldemort kill me.... I suppose that's written in the stars as well." Sounds like it might be, Mr Potter. But maybe you can still foil the prophesy. After all, Buffy did it when it was prophesied that the Master would kill her. :p

33) McGonagall on fortune telling. Yeah, she's not keen on that, is she? Maybe because there's a prophesy that her master will be brought down? And if Hermione agrees with her about Divination, why does she choose to take it in third year? To be with the boys, or because she's taking everything?

34) "Just in case." Oh, Dumbledore, you sneaky, sneaky man!

At least now the trio are treating the situation with the proper amount of seriousness.

Bah, and now it's nearly midnight, which means I'm still a chapter behind. Poop!
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[User Picture]From: gothlupin
2007-02-24 11:33 am (UTC)

Re: PS:15 - Bloomsbury 1997 - 3

14. Aside from being in charge of detentions in the castle, Filch takes them to Hagrid's because he enjoys it so damn much, the taunting and punishing of the students. He can't do anything physically to them but he can still torture them mentally.
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[User Picture]From: pica_scribit
2007-02-24 12:31 pm (UTC)

Re: PS:15 - Bloomsbury 1997 - 3

And McGonagall thinks this is appropriate?! She really *is* evil! :p
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